Thursday, October 20, 2011

Planets In The 8th House

Planets In The 8th House

Sun in the Eighth House

The Sun in the Eighth House generally indicates a quick death. Death from heart failure is a condition that should be guarded against. The influence of the Sun in this position quickens the actual conditions of death and thus it helps to prevent any undue suffering. It indicates possible benefit through legacy or inheritance. It also assists in the partner's handling of financial affairs.

Moon in the Eighth House

The Moon in the Eighth House affects the functional side of the native's life indicating that functional irregularities will most likely be the cause of death. However, there is a strong signification that the death will be reasonably peaceful. When the Moon resides in the Eighth House, the native can expect to gain financially through legacy, inheritance or even through unexpected gifts. There is also an indication that the native will enjoy a certain amount of financial gain through the dealings of the marriage or business partner. In some instances, death, when the Moon is posited the Eighth House, can be caused by unwise risk, but normally, if such risks are avoided, death will be as a result of natural causes.

Mars in the Eighth House

When Mars is in the Eighth House the liability to a violent and sudden death increases. Death can also occur through a very bad wound or as a result of an operation. Sometimes there is a bad fever which affects the head, the excretory or generative organs. As far as marriage and business partners are concerned, endless problems are indicated. The native will find that his partner may be overly extravagant and this may cause some severe financial losses. There are prospects of gain indicated through legacy or inheritance. There will be substantial dispute with the marriage or business partner concerning the handling of the money.  

Mercury in the Eighth House

This position of Mercury indicates that the nervous system and or the respiratory system will be affected at the time of death. There is an indication that sometimes the death will be associated with or caused by travel. Invariably, this position of Mercury will bring the native into contact with the conditions associated with the death of other people. The native may often hold a position where he is associated with funeral homes, wills, cemetaries, etc. Depending on aspects, this closeness to death will affect the mental outlook. When Mercury is posited in the Eighth House the native can help to alleviate any mental pressure through the practice of hypnotism, as he has a latent talent for this subject.

Jupiter in the Eighth House

Jupiter is in a favorable position here and it indicates a release, through death, from material or physical suffering. Death will usually come from natural causes unless there are other indications somewhere in the nativity chart. As far as legacy and inheritance goes, it is a good position. It can even bring more financial gain than was originally anticipated. The partner has a natural talent for dealing with money matters and this eliminates the financial worries that may arise. There is also an intense indication of financial gain through the demise of friends and members of the family circle.

Venus in the Eighth House

When Venus is posited in the Eighth Home, it indicates that the native will die a very peaceful death, closely related to natural causes. Sometimes the actual cause of death will be related to the throat or the kidneys. Venus here increases the prospects of financial gain through legacy, inheritance and it indicates that the partner's handling of money matters will be efficient. As far as the partner is concerned, he is very honest and willing to share benefits. This will help to create a peaceful financial relationship. There is some indication that the native will pass away while in his sleep.

Saturn in the Eighth House

When Saturn occupies the Eighth House it is not in a good position concerning the health of the native. Saturn here will undoubtedly prolong the conditions of illness previous to death, thereby increasing the suffering. It indicates chronic ailments and yet the native will have an undying grip on life. With some natives of this position senility will occur at a relatively early age. As far as legacy prospects and inheritance are concerned, it is not a helpful influence at all. Sometimes some form of inheritance can occur, but it undoubtedly will be combined with obligations and responsibilities that can almost nullify the benefit being derived. Worry and fear can sometimes occur through the viciousness of the marriage or business partner. Although the partner possesses the capacity to efficiently handle financial affairs, he tends not to share any of the benefit derived.


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