Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Planets In The 2nd House

Planets In The 2nd House


Sun in the Second House

When the Sun is posited in the Second House, ii indicates that the native will have relative success in financial endeavors. He will also have a basic generous nature. The position indicates that benefit or recognition of effort and ability will come from people in authoritative and influential positions. Money will be gained through proper assertion of authority and the holding of important positions. Respect from others will be forthcoming and the prestige of the native will be enhanced.


Moon in the Second House

The Moon here indicates that the native's income will continually fluctuate and his expenditures will do likewise. Thus, when the Moon is here the personal handling of money matters will be of great importance to the long term outcome of financial affairs. Much will depend, as always, on the aspects the Moon makes. If they are reasonably good then there will be tremendous gain through personal initiative and common sense control, but if the lunar aspects are bad then extravagance is possible and there will be difficulties regarding income.


Mars in the Second House

Mars in the Second House denotes the capacity and ability to earn money through the continual, personal hard effort of the native. Mars invariably indicates that the native will be inclined toward risks, henceforth some monetary gain will come through speculation. Although the native is inclined towards hard work, his expenditure will always be heavy and it will never be easy for him to refrain from the inclination to spend freely.


Mercury in the Second House

Mercury, posited here, indicates that the native's financial interests will be related to his mental, intellectual, and literary pursuits. He may very well make his money through one of these interests. This position naturally increases the capacity for the general handling of the financial affairs of life. The thoughts and aspirations of the native will be directed towards the financial aspects of life. This house position of the Mercury strengthens the powers of concentration and memory.


Jupiter in the Second House

Jupiter in the Second House will bring the native a considerable degree of luck and good fortune as far as his financial interests go. Of course, if Jupiter is badly aspected misfortune and loss will be prominent.

The native will have a highly sympathetic nature. He has a benevolent disposition and demonstrates excellent judgement in his monetary affairs.

This position demonstrates that the native's personal financial matters will be quite satisfactory, despite the usual fluctuations which life brings.


Venus in the Second House

When Venus is in the Second House the feminine influence matters concerning the feminine side of life will have a direct reaction on the native's financial status. If Venus is well aspected, this influence will be beneficial. However, if it is badly aspected the influence will be detrimental. There is an indication that the native will desire the material aspects of life. Usually undue extravagance is not indicated.


Saturn in the Second House

As usual, Saturn brings it's periods of worry and delay. When posited in the Second House it indicates that the native will experience much anxiety over his financial obligations and responsibilities. This position implies difficulties as far as the development of financial plans are concerned. The native must learn to allow more time for his plans to develop and mature. He must cultivate his quality of patience and endure initial financial setbacks and delays.


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