Monday, October 31, 2011

Planets In The 11th House

Planets In The 11th House



 Sun in the Eleventh House

When the Sun is in the Eleventh House the indications are that the native will make friendships with powerful people in influential positions. These friends undoubtedly will be in a position to give the native assistance with his plans, hopes and wishes that would not be possible otherwise. It also implies that in some instances these friends may be of tremendous financial aid. This position of the Sun is extremely favorable for social and public activity. The native should always strive to maintain a balance between such social activity and his business interests.

Moon in the Eleventh House

This position of the Moon indicates that the native has a tremendous capacity for entering successful friendships. It also indicates that the native will derive considerable assistance from these associations. Many of the friendships formed here will be directly connected to the domestic side of the native's life. Social and welfare work appeals to the native. He can make many friends through his personal capacity to make people feel at home and at ease when working, conversing or cooperating with him.

Mars in the Eleventh House

Mars in the Eleventh House indicate that in the majority of instances the native forms friendships quickly and easily. There is a danger here that through impulse, the native may form unwise friendships with people of a shady character. The friends which are usually formed when Mars occupies this home will be mostly males. The native should always strive to avoid the impulsive side of his character when entering into friendships. Unwise friendships made here will create subsequent friction and disturbance with an undesired reaction upon other areas of life.


Mercury in the Eleventh House

When Mercury resides in the Eleventh House the native induces his friendships through interests of an intellectual, educational and literary nature. There are indications that the native is a very serious person and has the capacity for intellectual cooperation with others. The native here is very attracted to scientific studies and experiments. He has a certain flair for the social or public sides of life rather than those of a business or professional nature. This locality of Mercury also implies that the native will have no trouble promoting harmony between his neighbors and relatives.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

Jupiter in the Eleventh House is an excellent position for the formation of long and lasting friendships. The native will acquire important material and spiritual assistance through his friendships and associations. In many instances, friends occupy extremely influential social, public and business positions and the native stands to gain accordingly. The nature of this help depends on the Sign and Planet influence. The hopes and wishes of the native, once more, are enhanced through the influence and support of friends. Intellectual, scientific and social interests will be productive of friendships which will be long lasting.


Venus in the Eleventh House

This is an excellent position for Venus and it assists the native in the formation of his friendships and associations. It increases the power of his affections. Venus, here, signifies that the majority of the native's friends are women and that some of them will be connected with artistic endeavors. The position warns the native to be very cautious in his expenditures on entertainment. Venus creates a natural aura of social popularity for the native and friends will continually seek his advice.

Saturn in the Eleventh House

When Saturn is posited in the Eleventh House there are indications that the native will encounter serious difficulty acquiring friends. His trouble here, in relating to people, may often result from a personal shyness or diffidence. It can result from an unfavorable environment or some trying circumstance early in life. The few friendships that are made, however, are long and enduring ones. These friendships are generally with people who are much older than the native.


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