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Monday, October 31, 2011

Planets In The 12th House

Planets In The 12th House


 Sun in the Twelfth House

When the Sun occupies the Twelfth House, the implications are that one third, if not more, of the native's life will be unfortunate and liable to obscurity. Depending on the aspects, the native will either possess the ability to rise up from such misfortune and sorrow and help himself or he will wallow in his own troubles. The native of this position of the Sun will have strong leanings towards the occult and psychic areas of life. Most of the people born with the Sun in the Twelfth House, you will find, possess uncommon tastes and inclinations.


Moon in the Twelfth House

When the Moon is in the Twelfth House there are indications that the native's life will be full of limitations and restrictions. This is an ideal position for a monk or a nun, a hospital surgeon or a nurse, for it favors all sympathy work. The native is continually involved in secrets which are of the utmost importance. Either he will carry the secret of another or have some secret of his own which would injure him if known to others. This position ensures the native a natural love of the occult, mystery and romance. If under any spell of the opposite sex, he or she will be inclined to be indiscreet in love affairs and inclined to allow the senses to dominate the reason.


Mars in the Twelfth House

Mars in the Twelfth House denotes that the native's life is replete with many strange and unfortunate adventures. When confronted with a situation like this, if the native should act more out of impulse than reason, grave dangers to his health and mind are indicated. The native of this position is liable to false imprisonment, treachery through misplaced affections, and injuries from enemies. In some cases, this position of Mars denotes poverty and a life long difficulty with finances. This position of Mars also indicates that in time of war, if the native is involved, he will more than likely find himself taken as a prisoner.


Mercury in the Twelfth House

Mercury occupying the Twelfth House denotes that the native has a subtle mind. He loves to take risks and adores dangerous adventures of a secret nature. If Mercury is well aspected here the native has a distinct ability to study occult related subjects. He is also well equipped to investigate mysteries or follow unusual modes of thought. This position of Mercury intensifies the native's power, of imagination and it indicates that with proper training constructive visualization can be developed. There is a tendency for the native of this House position of Mercury to create enemies through a rash personal criticism of others by speech or writing. Sometimes the mental stress caused by such aggravation can disturb the basic intellectual balance of the native. He must be very careful here.


Jupiter in the Twelfth House

When Jupiter occupies the Twelfth House it implies a tremendous amount of potential for success in the occult studies and a respect for sacred and ancient beliefs. It also indicates that the native should find success in affairs of a quiet and mysterious manner of which the general public is unaware. This position of Jupiter enables the native to gain either directly or indirectly through his enemies or to turn them into friends even against their own wills. It signifies that the native will find success toward the middle or latter portion of his life and this will bring him aid and assistance from good friends.


Venus in the Twelfth House

When Venus occupies the Twelfth House the native is very inclined to romance and there are indications of obscure or clandestine love affairs. The position of Venus often suggests an early marriage, yet it will undoubtedly bring the native into contact with those who may have the power to influence affections after marriage. In some respects, this position of Venus is difficult, for it signifies that the native will experience both periods of secret joy and secret sorrow. When Venus is posited in the Twelfth House the indications are that interests concerning the affections are one of the major causes of enmity in the native's life.


Saturn in the Twelfth House

When Saturn is posited in the Twelfth House, it implies restrictions and many unhappy conditions as well as an increasing liability to bad luck. This position of Saturn denotes a person who is very reserved and fond of solitude, with strong inclinations to enjoy seclusion. It is an extremely unfavorable position for all save those who love to work in secret and live by themselves. Many obligations will be forced on the native by both people and circumstances. In some cases the personal condition of health will be such that long periods in the hospital occur. It also suggests a liability to imprisonment which could be as a result of unwise actions or through the enmity of others.



We have now finished with influence of Planets and houses. Remember the factual statements here concerning the nature of these influences are the results of thousands upon thousands of recorded observations down through the centuries. These observations were corrected time and time again so that the accuracy of the influences is excellent. Variations of these indications are the result of assorted aspects of other planets and conditions of the universe related to the native's nativity chart and his progressed charts. We are now going into the influences of the signs in the houses and the effect produced. In a relatively short time you will be doing chart erections and basic delineations. When waiting for lessons periodic review will never hurt you. The more of the course material that you can acquire as "finger tip" knowledge the easier your works as an astrologer will be.


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